Lafayette may be best known for its Reservoir.

Welcome to Lafayette

A vibrant and thriving city on California's finest land.

Lafayette is one of the most exuberant and outstanding cities in the San Francisco Bay area. This city shines with its own light and is home to an eclectic and family-oriented community that has transformed Lafayette into one of the west coast's most sought-after urban centers. With spectacular weather and stunning natural scenery, Lafayette has become the ideal choice for settling down in California.
Lafayette, Moraga, and Orinda are known as Lamorinda, a thriving trinity of cities home to Contra Costa County's finest communities. Bordered by the towering Berkeley Hills, Lafayette stands out as one of California's wealthiest communities. Lafayette hosts some of California's highest-rated schools, boasting a superior educational system that fosters the golden generation of students.

What to Love

  • An eco-friendly and responsible community
  • Top-tier schools and a superior educational system
  • A pleasant Mediterranean climate
  • The picturesque Lafayette-Moraga Trail

Local Lifestyle

A family-oriented community has flourished in Lafayette. The high educational level, the entertainment venues, and the peaceful and relaxed atmosphere promote an ideal lifestyle for families. On the other hand, Lafayette has all the amenities of a big city, making downtown and its surroundings the epicenter of outings and evenings to have a great time.
Lafayette has a green program that extends to business, education, sustainable development, and food which translates into significant improvements to the prominent lifestyle of residents. Lafayette lives and breathes art. Through multiple initiatives, the art and culture committee promotes its residents' artistic expressions and numerous festivals that exalt the creative spirit, making Lafayette an ideal place for lovers of art and culture.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

Good food abounds in Lafayette; finding an excellent place to eat and have a good time is easy. Mt Diablo Boulevard is home to Restaurant Row, a path filled with restaurants. Are you craving Chinese food or Italian? On Restaurant Row, there are dining options to please all palates.
La Fiesta Square is the perfect place for a shopping spree or a stroll with the family. Here you will find the best that Lafayette has to offer. From delicious food to upscale stores. Best of all, it's just minutes from downtown.
Shopping for groceries has never been easier. Diablo Foods is the ultimate go-to venue in Lafayette. Here you can buy groceries, flowers, deli, and more in one place. Enjoy the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere while you do your day-to-day shopping.
Another option for everyday purchases is Trader Joe's. Conveniently located at 3649 Mt Diablo Blvd, you can find various conventional and unconventional groceries here.

Things to Do

The Lafayette Reservoir is the ideal outdoor venue in the city. Here you can fish, swim, or kayak in designated areas. Recreational areas also include a bike trail and picnic areas. Lafayette Reservoir is a must if you are a nature lover and want to enjoy astonishing landscapes.
The Briones Regional Park provides a first-class hiking experience. Surrounded by nature and towering hills, this park is the crown jewel of Contra Costa County cities and is the ideal place to come for a walk or a stroll with your family and pets. Enjoy the fresh air and spectacular scenery offered by the grassy hills.
There's no place like the Lafayette-Moraga Regional Trail for walking, biking, and even equestrian use. This linear trail of 7.67 miles allows you to go from Lafayette to Moraga and connect with the Briones-Las Trampas trail.
The Lafayette Art & Wine Festival is the meeting point for art lovers. The largest in Contra Costa County, this festival brings together nearly 100,000 people each year to enjoy food, drink, and live concerts in downtown Lafayette. For two days, you can enjoy fun in the purest Lafayette style.


Lafayette is served by the Lafayette Elementary School District & the Acalanes Union High School District.